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Our new House Facial is now completely customizable !  During your consultation you and your esthetician will develop a customized treatment just for you!  We have enzymes, special mask and modalities to treat everything from acne, oily , dehydrated, sensitive and aging skin.  


Already know what you want?  Perfect!  Skip down to the A La Carte section and pick what you need.


 House Facial | $65

 60  Minutes:  (This facial is the base of all our facials starting out with a double cleanse, exfoliation  with active enzymes , light facial massage , tone, serums, specialized mask, moisturize, and finished off with spf!  ( Please keep in mind if you need heavy extractions or are experiencing a moderate breakout the facial massage will need to be modified.)


Glow Me Facial | $60


45 Minutes: Reveal a youthful glow with this facial that includes: cleanse, oxygenating exfoliation, hylaronic serum, bubbling mask, and finish with a tinted moisturizer. This facial is perfect to receive before an event as it is a great prep for makeup application.


“Mini” Bar Facial or Teen Facial (17 and under)  | $45


30 Minutes: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask & moisturize and finish with SPF.  This is perfect if you need a quick boost without the bells and whistles!  This is also perfect for our teens!

High Frequency Facial | $25

20 min (This facial is one of our most popular services for clients suffering from acne outbreaks and hormonal acne. It consist of a quick cleansing, high frequency and moisturizer. We CAN NOT do this if you are pregnant.)


Gentleman’s Facial  | $65


55 Minutes: This facial designed especially for our bearded clients includes: cleanse, exfoliation, specialty serum, high frequency, mask and beard oil, a light massage of face, neck & shoulders is also included.


Single Chemical Peel | $75


55 Minutes: With Mini facial. A chemical exfoliation used to improve the firmness, texture and color of the skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. A series of 6 is recommended for best results.


Set of 6 Single Chemical Peels | $375


55 Minutes: With Mini Facials. Series of 6 sessions scheduled in advance to complete the treatment for best results.


Back Treatment | $65


55 Minutes: Deep pore cleanse, exfoliation and extractions, light massage, purifying mask & moisturize.




*Please note these are add on services and must be booked with a facial.

 Lactic Shot | $10  ( Great for dry skin and skin with age spots or hyper pigmentation and when used regulary it can also improve the skins of aging.  It stimulates collagen renewal and firms skin.)

 Glycolic Shot | $10 ( Glycolic acid is great for removing the outer layer of dead skin to reveal brighter and fresher skin!  It’s perfect for treating scarring, skin discoloration, some types of acne and fin lines and wrinkles.)

 Nourishing Eye Treatment | $10

( Perfect for under eye bags and dark circles)

 Hydrating Lip Treatment | $10

(Perfect for dry and hydrated lips)

 Paraffin Hand Treatment | $15 

Peach Fuzz Removal |$15

(This special add on is great from removing all peach fuzz from your face as well as the removal of dead skin cells.  This facial is addicting!) 


Micro Current | $30

(This is a mini facelift!   Using electrical current to stimulate muscles to diminsh the look of wrinkles and fine lines by giving the face a firm and glowing appearance. You will notice the effects after one treatment!)  

Micro Current Package of 6 | $120

(  Since you see the best results in multiple treatments we really want to make sure you are getting what you want, so we have discounted this tremendously! )  

 Celluma Light Therapy | $30

( Our light therapy is a 3o min treatment which can be used to stimulate collagen, help with rosacea or to help with inflamation and bacteria for acne breakouts.) 

Microdermabrasion | $30

 (This is a perfect add on for acne scaring, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and a dull looking complexion.  It  is a minimally invasive procedure overall renew the skins tone and texture. Best in a series.)  

Microdermabrasion series of 3 | $75




 Botox and Fillers



Botox | $12 per unit


Juvederm Voluma | $700 per syringe


Perfect for adding enhancement and volume to the cheekbone area.


Juvederm & Restylane| $600 per syringe


For the lip and nasolabial folds.


Radiesse | $600 per syringe


For rejuvenating the hands and eliminating the appearance of veins and tendons.


Kybella | $700 per treatment


Eliminates the double chin by dissolving fat cells.


Brow Shaping | $15+

Brow Maintenance | $12

Brow Shaping & Tint | $25

Lip, Nose, Ears | $10 ea

Chin | $10+

Full Face | $35

Underarm | $15

Half Arm | $30

Full Arm | $45

Half Leg | $40

Full Leg (Sugaring not available) | $60

Back & Shoulders | $45

Stomach & Chest | $45

Bikini | $40

New Brazilian | $65

Brazilian Maintenance | $45 ( This is only if you have previously been seen by us in the past 6 weeks ) 

Vagacial | $30 

This is a must if you suffer from ingrowns or discoloration in the pubic area. Light cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating mask and high frequency. Recommended between waxing appointments) 

Soothing Brazilian Wax | $15

( This is a soothing mask added on to a waxing service.) 

Sugaring Available with all Waxing Services (except full legs)

Sugaring is a water soluble alternative to waxing using organic sugar paste to pull hair from the follicle in the direction of hair growth. Results last a little longer than traditional waxing and there is less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. Sugaring is perfect for the Brazilian, Bikini, and sensitive areas. Most of our clients do sugaring.

Brow Tint | $18

Brow Shaping & Tint | $25

Lash Tint | $20

.Lash Lift and Tint  | $65

Alternative to lash extensions with no maintenance: includes lifting and curling your lashes, giving you a mascara free alternative. Last 6-8 weeks

Keratin Lash Lift and Tint | $85

(This new system is also a lash curling and lifting service but guarantees no over processing, no crispy lashes over time like the traditional lift can cause , over time can increase the diameter of the lash by 30% , and last about 8 weeks!)

Full Lash & Brow | $85

(This includes a Lash Lift and Tint, and a brow sparing and tint) Upgrade to the Keratin Lash Infusion for $20 more)

Brow Lamination | $65

(This is the hottest new trend! It is basically a straightening perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time.  We also include any shaping your brows need and a tint. The Lamination last about 6 weeks.) 


Lash Extensions full set | $150

Individual lashes adhered to 1 natural lash at a time.

1hr Lash Extension fill | $60

90 min  Lash Extension fill | $90

Makeup Application | $60

Approx. 45 Minutes

Makup Application with Strip Lashes | $65

Approx. 45 Minutes


House | $40

30 Minute Upper Body Massage

Swedish | $65

60 Minute Full body or upper body relaxation specific massage. Good for blood pressure, stress reduction and relaxation.

Swedish | $100

90 Minute

Deep Tissue Massage | $70

60 Minute therapeutic massage for tight or over used muscles. Works on layers of the muscle fibers to break up adhesions or scar tissue that may have formed and helps with freedom of muscle movements.

Reflexology | $70

60 Minutes. Uses a technique that applies pressure to reflex zones in your feet, hands and ears to affect the whole body.

Prenatal | $75

60 Minute. Performed during the 2ndor 3rdtrimester to relieve stress and tension on the muscles while providing relaxation.

Thai Massage | $115

90 Minutes. Also known as the yoga massage, is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga poses to reduce muscle tension, mobilize joints and balance and increase energy. Can treat Sciatica, headaches and neck pain.

Contact us to book and for more information.

All of our Botox and Fillers are performed by our Nurse Anesthetist Michael Holloway ( APRN, CRNA, MS).  An individualized consultation is performed prior to each session. Pricing is determined by how many units of botox will be needed based upon desired treatment area.

Restrictions: Must not be pregnant or breastfeeding. Must not have known allergy to botox or other muscle relaxers. Must be over 18.


VIP for the Day | $130

Includes a Custom Facial with any Premium Add on and a 60 Minute Swedish Massage

Mommy-to-be Package | $135

Includes a Pregnancy safe Facial with hydrating lip treatment and a 60 Minute Prenatal Massage



House | $35/month

Receive 40 points to use towards services for the month, 5% off retail products and 5% off additional services.

Premium | $60/month

Receive 70 points to use towards services for the month, 5% off retail products and 10% off additional services.

Top Shelf | $100/month

Receive 120 points to use towards services for the month, 10% off retail products and 15% off additional services.

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